Benefits of Cacti

Despite their rough appearances that are almost menacing at times, cacti are quite useful plants for humans in a number of ways. The fact that they need so little to thrive makes them very reliable compared to other plants that need specific climatic conditions. Some of the uses that cacti are known for include:

Decorative plants

Having cacti plants in your garden is a great way to make it look beautiful and unique. Given that they need very little water to survive, they are a good addition to any garden, as they require very little attention, all they require is just to be sowed into the ground.

Perimeter Wall

Some species of the cacti family have thick and sharp spikes and grow to impressive heights. This can be used to provide a perimeter wall around the residence to keep off trespassers and unwanted animals that may wreck havoc on the garden.


Some cacti have edible parts that can be used as food, some grow fruits and some grow pads that are both used as a source of food by people in different parts of the world, The Indian Fig Cactus is a famous source of food in India and parts of Mexico. They also double up as fodder for domestic animals and act as good supplement to the normal grass.

Psychoactive Agents

Some cacti species have been found to possess psychoactive agents that can be used to alter changes in mood, perception, and cognition owing to their effects on the brain. The indigenous people have used the Peyote, a cacti family plant, in North America for these purposes.


Some cacti plants have medicinal properties and have been used since the ancient times. Some like Opuntia (prickly cactus) have been known to boost the immune system and maintain the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body.

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