Wanting to have cacti in your garden is one thing, getting the right cacti is another, and knowing where to get exactly what you need is an entirely different story. There are many places in the UK where one can acquire cacti plants but not all of them may have what you want; here is a list of places where one can purchase cacti plants for their garden.

  • Prick

Prick was London’s first ever shop that dedicated itself to the growing and selling of cacti plants for gardening. Based in Dalston, East London it has a very impressive catalogue of plants sourced from different parts in the world. They have a website where one can easily browse their list of plants and order directly to their homes at affordable prices.

  • Cactus Shop

This is an online shop that boasts of up to 4500 selections of cacti with 22,000 plants in stock. They have a well-maintained garden where they grow the cacti for sale and showcasing to the clients who may decide to pay them a visit.

  • Geo Fleur

Located in Penny Brookes Geo Fleur specialises mostly on potted plants and among their most bought plants are the succulents of the cacti family. Most are sold for around $30 and they come with home ware essentials that can be customised to reflect one’s desires.

  • The Flower Warehouse

This is a vast warehouse that has all plants of all varieties including cacti. Located in Cambridge Heath the Flower Warehouse is a better alternative to most of the other shops who charge too much for the selection of plants.

  • Clifton Nurseries

This beautiful nursery has the best selection of garden plants neatly arranged in a scenic setting with good lighting and fountains of water. On top of that, they have a very good selection of cacti plants that are sold at affordable prices.

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