Despite their ability to survive the harshest conditions, most garden plants also require some degree of care for them to thrive well once they are put in the garden. They have their own adaptations that help them survive quite, well but that does not mean that they are damage proof. Here are some ways that you can look after and nature cacti plants:

Cacti require a lot of light, and therefore, it is very important that you place them in the sunniest spot of the garden. If you are planting them inside the house, then make sure they are near a window, or if they are portable, you can transfer them periodically to areas that get uninterrupted sunlight all day long.

Desert cacti should be planted in a well drained compost, and be well watered, but as they are desert plants, care should be taken not to use too much water, since they are not adapted to getting very much. The compost should be left to go dry for some months to allow the cacti to go dormant for a while.

During periods where the cacti are undergoing active growth, they should be fed about once every three weeks. With feeding, you can use a well-diluted tomato fertiliser, which is the recommended thing to use in this situation. As for the temperatures, cacti thrive well in desert like heat.

For most cacti, a sloped ground is the ideal location to grow, as this type of ground has good drainage and doesn’t hold water, which could cause problems for the cacti. The beds should be about 6 to 12 inches deep in soils that are part gravel and part potting soil. Using a moderate layer of mulch is also recommended, and this can be achieved through using pebbles, rocks or substances of a similar nature.

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