A logo, which is an abbreviation of logo type, basically gives a product or an establishment instant recognition. The 5 most prominent features which make a logo are:

  • Text
  • Initials
  • Symbol
  • Text & Symbol
  • Text within a Symbol

A simple logo in the shape of a cactus plant in a shop would immediately make one aware that the product is related to Cacti.

For designing logotypes for restaurants; country, location, cuisine, and community, etc. are all taken into account. European, Asian, Mexican, etc. Restaurants have different types of logos considering the above factors.

Famous online casinos like Volcano which is popular for casino streaming still displays the logo “NetEnt” which is its online platform provider and hence, a gambler is immediately able to recognize the casino by its logo.

Logos make a big difference for brand centred establishments like Big Bazar, Spencer’s, Pizza hut, McDonald, etc.

A site about cacti, types of cacti, most famous drinks with cacti

The CSPM (Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall) is perhaps the most favoured website for all those cacti lovers who are interested to grow these plants indoor. This site is literally a small booklet on cacti, as one gets to know the suppliers of plants, seeds, etc.

Cacti belong to the botanical family called Cactaceae. Cacti are capable of storing water and hence are called succulent plants. Cacti are commonly found in hot and dry places like Mexico, United States and in the desert region where the temperature exceeds 50-degree Centigrade. Some of the most common species of cacti are prickly pear, chollas, barrel, etc. The average life span of cacti ranges from 45 to 150 years. The pincushion cactus can be grown at home also. They look extremely attractive when they fully blossom.

Cacti drinks are very famous in developed countries like Europe and America. Some of the medical benefits of Cacti drinks are that it cures arthritis, detoxifies the body, cures constipation, strengthens the immune system, and acts as a natural antidote.

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