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About Us

Plants are part of our planet and it is our responsibility as humans to take care of them rather than destroy them. We have seen so many rare plants go extinct all due to our poor handling of the environment. That is why we have started this website, to represent what we stand for. Cacti are our main focus, as we believe they are a species of plants that are ignored the most despite the many benefits that they bring to the table. Many people assume that just because they are hardy plants that are used to surviving in harsh conditions, they are able to handle everything on their own. Cacti are beautiful plants that deserve all the attention in the world.

The main purpose of this site is to educate people on cacti so that they can become more informed about these plants and what they can do for us. Eradicating ignorance about cacti is our aim, showing people how these plants can transform their gardens is what we are all about. We are here to teach people how to grow the cacti and how to properly take care of them to ensure that they grow in much the same way that they would have if they were in the wild.

We have a team of dedicated staff who are well informed about cacti and who are always ready to answer any inquiries from any of our readers at any time of the day. Feedback is highly encouraged as well as contributions from other cacti enthusiasts who may feel they have new information which could help other people to better understand cacti plants.

Let us embark on this journey of protecting cacti and spreading awareness about them to everyone else. These plants need us as much as we need them

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